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Willab Garden Customizes Deliveries

When buying garden and outdoor items from Willab Garden this spring, your delivery will be sent via the best d ...

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Marcus Wigren from LogTrade showing a nice person something interesting

ERP Systems

Digitization in Practice

This Wednesday, March 21st, we will be in Värnamo at the trade fair for logistics and enterprise and resource ...

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Construction Logistics

Improving Construction Logistics Together

How can the standardization work for delivery processes in the construction industry be improved? This Thursda ...

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LogTrade is the link between transport buyers and carriers. Our goal is a friction-free relationship between all parties in the transport and logistics flow. A work we do together with our partners.


Transport buyers

Do you know of any transport buyers who like having to log into an external system to manually handle shipments and returns? Probably not. Read about companies that have chosen to work in only one system and discover how wonderful it is with an automated shipping software platform.

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Yes, in LogTrade transport buyers can manage all carriers. What do the carriers think about shipping software in general and especially LogTrade? How does our cloud-based solution minimize the overall number of errors?

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Our partners are ERP system developers, and they are indispensable to us. They appreciate that we offer a standardized and future-proof plug-and-play solution and in their opinion, “No other shipping software brings more functionality to an ERP system than LogTrade.”

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