LogTrade is a digital logistics system made for buying, booking, and managing transports with carriers. It is a system packed with clever features to handle all your administrative tasks, in real-time, and preferably directly from inside your ERP system.

You decide what features you want.

Should you need more features than you initially thought, we will add them for you. And as your business grows and the number of shipments increases beyond the capacity of your current subscription plan, you will automatically be upgraded to the correct level. We will, of course, help you add all the large carriers. It is also possible for you to add your own carriers to the system.

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Check Out The Checkout

One small step for the customer, one gigantic leap for your e-commerce business. Thanks to our Multi-Carrier Checkout you can now let the customers decide how they would like their goods delivered. Exactly, you can just lean back and relax and give your customer some freedom. All you have to do is decide what delivery options to offer. You can also add or change those options—with just a few clicks—whenever you want. Yes, you heard right—no front-end development is needed. LogTrade has developed this feature along with the Swedish postal service PostNord. The checkout is neutral when it comes to carriers, so you can select whichever carriers and delivery options you want.  

A PAKET comes loaded

LogTrade is a system designed to help different types of shipments travel and arrive in style, and it handles the returns just as smoothly. LogTrade is there throughout the whole process and comes with a wide range of features.

before shipping


What is the end-destination?

When should the package get there? What are its measurements? How much can it cost? And perhaps most importantly: What kind of experience do you want your customers to have when they receive a delivery from you? You choose which carrier services you want to use, and you can add any carrier you want. If you are an e-commerce business and use our Multi-Carrier Checkout, your customers can choose the delivery options they prefer. You decide which options they have to choose from.

creating the shipment


Minimal risk of errors

During this phase, you can get an automatic price check, create several shipments at once and routinely consolidate for example shipments that are going to the same recipient. The system can also choose the carrier and type of service based on predetermined conditions. The recipient will receive an e-mail notification when the shipment leaves the docks. An EDI message is sent, and the shipping labels are printed at the correct station. The magic behind this is called built-in shipping rules.



Never Lost

The system’s superpower is not that you can see and track all shipments from within your ERP system in real time and notify customers of tracking numbers, price, and status. Nor is it how the digital logistics system makes the delivery trucks feel like they are part of your warehouse stock. It is not even how easily the control and overview features can be connected to your webshop. No, the great thing about the system is that it now runs itself and does not bother you unnecessarily.

after delivery


The value of data

What has been sent, how much was sent, and to what areas? The system stores all shipping information, which makes it possible for you to get an overview of and analyze your transportation flows—in real time or at a later date. It furthermore makes it possible to share the information with others in the transport chain safely. There is also an automatic invoice matching feature that will notify you if the shipping information and invoice information do not match.

LogTrade in your smartphone?

For those of you who want to send, track, and scan your goods with your phone, LogTrade is only one click away. You can easily find us in the App Store or Google Play. However, why be satisfied just the with the standard version when there are APIs for creating mobile apps that will give you keys to the whole kingdom? Create your own app and use us in whatever platform you prefer. Just contact us, and we will help you.

What are the shipping costs?

When you set up a shipment in the system, it will automatically calculate shipping costs. This applies across all carriers in your system. This feature is called automatic cost calculation, and it will tell you what a shipment will cost before the carrier’s invoice arrives. The data is then saved in the system for future analysis.

Forward the shipping costs

With the help of our forwarding feature, you can send out your invoices in advance. This allows the customers a chance to pay the accurate prices for the shipments before you receive the carrier’s invoice.

How Do You Get More 3PL For Your Money?

3PL is not yet another Star Wars droid. It is a well-established logistics and supply chain management solution operated by a third party right here in our own solar system. What are the benefits of such a solution? Are there any disadvantages? How do you get the most out of your 3PL service? Contact us to get the list: More 3PL for the money with the right shipping software platform.  



LogTrade is the link between transport buyers and carriers. Our goal is a friction-free relationship between all parties in the transport and logistics flow. A work we do together with our partners.


Transport buyers

Do you know of any transport buyers who like having to log into an external system to manually handle shipments and returns? Probably not. Read about companies that have chosen to work in only one system and discover how wonderful it is with an automated shipping software platform.

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Yes, in LogTrade transport buyers can manage all carriers. What do the carriers think about shipping software in general and especially LogTrade? How does our cloud-based solution minimize the overall number of errors?

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Our partners are ERP system developers, and they are indispensable to us. They appreciate that we offer a standardized and future-proof plug-and-play solution and in their opinion, “No other shipping software brings more functionality to an ERP system than LogTrade.”

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How Do I Become Familiar With Inbound?

If you want deliveries to your own company to be handled by companies that you have agreements with, the system can be configured so that your suppliers choose the correct carrier. The Inbound feature comes with many benefits for your company—everything from reduced shipping costs to increased shipping volumes and more accurate production planning. It will also give you much better insight into the purchase costs. You will know exactly how much the shipping costs will be and will not have to pay additional shipping costs added by the carrier. Contact us, and we will tell you more!